Just north of San Francisco and surrounded by water on three sides, this waterfront town is accessible by ferry or car. Its natural beauty and unparalleled views make Tiburon a popular destination for visitors and residents of Marin. The charming downtown boasts world class restaurants and high end boutiques. Its a great place to spend a day or a lifetime.


Tiburon, a charming town on the Tiburon Peninsula in Marin County, California, offers a lifestyle that seamlessly blends coastal beauty with a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Perched along the shores of the San Francisco Bay, Tiburon provides stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city skyline, creating a picturesque backdrop for its residents. The waterfront setting encourages a maritime lifestyle, with yacht clubs, harbors, and ferry services connecting residents to San Francisco.

Tiburon's downtown area exudes a quaint charm, featuring boutique shops, waterfront restaurants, and local cafes. The Main Street Historic District showcases a mix of architectural styles, adding character to the community. Residents often engage in outdoor activities, whether strolling along the scenic waterfront paths or exploring the nearby Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve.

The town's commitment to community is evident in events like the Tiburon International Film Festival and Tiburon Art Festival, reflecting a vibrant cultural scene. Tiburon's family-friendly neighborhoods and proximity to open spaces create a balanced lifestyle that caters to those who appreciate coastal living, community engagement, and easy access to both natural beauty and urban amenities.