The Town of Fairfax is an environmentally conscious community situated in the heart of central Marin. Fairfax has a population of approximately 7500. The Art Deco movie theater is the centerpiece of a vibrant nightlife with top-notch restaurants and well-known clubs with venues for jazz and other popular music.  The Town's village-like character, reflected in the small businesses, quaint neighborhoods and busy sidewalks contribute to the sense of uniqueness about Fairfax. Framing the town is its natural setting - a visible open space of oak-studded hills to the north and west, and the forested shoulders of the Coastal Range to the south. Fairfax is a special place, loved by residents as well as visitors.


Fairfax, California, epitomizes the quintessential Northern Californian lifestyle, characterized by a vibrant community spirit and a deep connection to nature. Nestled in Marin County, Fairfax is surrounded by lush landscapes, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Residents often embrace a laid-back and eco-conscious lifestyle, reflected in the town's commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness.

The town's compact and walkable downtown exudes a bohemian charm, hosting locally-owned shops, organic eateries, and a lively music scene. Fairfax is known for its diverse community and inclusive atmosphere, fostering a sense of belonging among residents. Beyond the town's borders, extensive trail networks provide opportunities for hiking and biking, while the nearby Marinwood Plaza offers convenient shopping options.

Fairfax also boasts a rich cultural scene with events like the Fairfax Festival, celebrating art, music, and local talent. This, coupled with the town's proximity to the natural beauty of Marin County, contributes to a lifestyle that seamlessly blends creativity, community engagement, and an appreciation for the great outdoors.