2024 conforming loan limits

Here is an update regarding 2024 conforming loan limits.

The High Balance or loan over the conforming amounts have not been released yet.


Conforming 30 Year Loan Limit Increase 2024


Effective Immediately:

In anticipation of the FHFA conforming loan limits increase for 2024,  Guaranteed Rate Affinity is excited to announce Freddie and Fannie Conforming 30 Year loan limits will increase up to $750K (in most counties).  Previous loan limit (2023) was $726,200....this represents a 3.3% increase in loan limit.


The current Marin High Balance loan limit is $1,089,300.   I anticipate this to also increase for 2024.


Freddie and Fannie loans with Approve Automated (AUS -automated underwriting system) will continue to proceed with 2024 loan limit.


Important to note...

  • Occupancy: Primary residence only
  • Property Type: 1 Unit Only
  • Mortgage Insurance: ARCH, Enact, NMI and Radian -if applicable.

  • High balance is not available currently.  Loans over the $750,000 will be coming out soon.
  • Individual investor and government loan stances and effective dates have not yet been released.
  • Be mindful that the loan limits outlined above are temporary and may be increased or decreased accordingly upon FHFA's announcement of the conforming loan limits for 2024.